about us

The People’s Law School is a non-profit charitable society providing public legal education and information (PLEI) to people in British Columbia since 1972.

hands smallWe facilitate and promote the development and distribution of PLEI in BC.  Our vision is a British Columbia where people are legally literate and able to exercise their legal rights and responsibilities.

People’s Law School focuses on four primary services –

  • Publishing plain language legal information in multiple formats such as print, online books, fact sheets and video
  • Providing public legal education through hands-on workshops, lectures, law-related lessons and Justice Theatre
  • Offering referral services and a reading and resource room staffed with friendly and informed personnel
  • Producing and distributing PLEI through community newspapers, social media and other digital services.

Who can access our services?

  • General publicpuzzle small
  • Community service providers
  • Government agencies
  • Legal professionals
  • Distinct demographic groups such as youth, students, adults, seniors, self-represented litigants, aboriginals, newcomers and immigrants.

To learn more about our services and activities, we invite you to read our Annual General Reports and watch our video.

If you don’t find want you’re looking for connect with us through our PLS ask service.

For information, learn more about our Board, Team, and Privacy Policy.

Public Legal Education & Information


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