Now Updated: Essentials of Consumer Law

Cover Image -Consumer Law - 2017Our core title on consumer law has been fully updated for 2017 and given a fresh new look.

Now called Essentials of Consumer Law, this publication helps British Columbians protect themselves when they buy something or hire someone to perform a service. Available in digital and print formats, it explains consumer rights for common purchases and contracts, as well as the steps to take when something goes wrong.

What’s new in this update

Highlights of the new update include:

  • New content, including a new section on making a contract. Every time you buy a pair of shoes, sign up for cellphone service, or call a plumber, you are making a contract. Given how common contracts are in our daily lives, it’s helpful to know something about how they are created.
  • More practical guidance. More tips and step-by-step guidance on how to prevent problems when you buy something or hire someone, and what to do if there are problems.
  • A fresh new look. The print version features a new look for People’s Law School booklets and a more readable font and layout.

Choose the format that works best for your needs

Essentials of Consumer Law is available in multiple formats, online and in print.

The wikibook version can be accessed online and is “responsive” to the device you’re using, so that it is optimized for that device (such as mobile). The EPUB version is designed for reading on a tablet or e-reader.

Meanwhile, this popular title continues to be available as a printed booklet. If you wish to order multiple copies of the print booklet, you can do so from Crown Publications.

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