The People’s Law School offers the following programs and services to help people and organizations in British Columbia improve their legal capability:


publications and multimedia smallPublications and Multimedia provides public legal information in multiple formats including booklets, fact sheets, social media, radio and television broadcasts, newspaper articles, and animations and videos. Resources can be ordered or viewed online.



Justice Theatre brings a professional theatre troupe into your classroom or community to deliver scripted trials on legal matters affecting youth and the communities they live in. Learn more about Justice Theatre for your school or centre.



law related lessons smallLaw-Related Lessons provides comprehensive content for instructors who want their students to know about their legal rights and responsibilities. Service includes information, lesson plans, learning resources and quizzes.



PLE events smallPublic Legal Education Events are available at our publicly accessible centre in Vancouver, online, or in your community. Public legal education presenters, lawyers and/or notaries present FREE information sessions on various topics. Visit our calendar for upcoming events.



referral smallReferral Services are available online, over the phone or in person. Our knowledgeable staff can help individuals and intermediaries identify the legal services and resources in your community that will best address specific legal needs.

Public Legal Education & Information


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