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Here you will find public legal education and information (PLEI) on laws in BC and Canada. Resources include booklets, videos, upcoming events and access to referral services. Have a look around, if you don't find what you are looking for call or e-mail us.

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Click here to view our PLEI media products. New products include Justice Theatre Director Rob McAnich talking about the fundamentals of law, videos in English and French on the consequences of a youth record, and more resources to help you understand the law.

Law-Related Lessons Law-Related Lessons

This online instructional kit is for teachers, instructors and facilitators who want to improve their students understanding of the law in Canada and BC. Law-Related Lessons include reading materials, lesson plans, worksheets and quizzes. Click here to access.

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PLEI for Non-Profits

The PLEI for Non-Profits is a go-to centre for BC’s non-profit, charities and co-operatives.
Here you can find information on employment, governance, facilities, privacy and compliance. Information provided is public legal information.